Weston Super-Models Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to me and all information collected from my clients is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

E-mail and home addresses
Your e-mail and home addresses are never shared with any third parties. All data is kept on a secure home computer and never on a web hosts server.

Wedding dates and venues
Your wedding date and venue will never be passed on to any other wedding supplier or wedding service company.

Digital Images
All images supplied from my clients to enable me to make their model are never publish. All pictures on this site of my clients have been added at their request and I have been given full consent.
It is my clients responsibility to seek permission from the supplier to allow me to publish professionally taken images. Weston Super-Models can not take any responsibility if this is not the case. I will however remove any images from the site at the suppliers request if permission as not be sort.

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