Ordering and price information for Cake Toppers & Models


Please click here to e-mail me with your requirements, and I will advise on availability and give you a quote based on the level of detail you require.
  • The price of my facially detailed wedding models is £275 for the couple,including the usual accessories. They can be arranged in a pose of your choice, and wearing your chosen outfits. I can also make a more simplified style of model starting from £50.

A single figure for birthdays or other occasions, depending on the size and complexity of the design, vary from £40 to £150. I am open to any suggestions, and will work with you to come up with a design for any kind of model you can think of. The level of detail and time spent on the cheaper models is considerably less than the Wedding Cake Toppers, hence the lower price. Please email me for a quote, explaining your needs and budget!

There are some examples of my simpler more cartoony style models in the 3rd gallery, and on my blog page. I can copy any style that you like. For example I recently made a couple to facially resemble the animated characters from Sleeping beauty and Rapunzel.