Still searching the archives

Very glad to find a lovely email I had kept from Amy-Jane with photos of her spectacular wedding cake. I will continue to dig out other customers messages and photos to put them on here. My website had spent too long not being updated. I appreciate all the photos and messages you send and am sorry that they have remained un published for so long. Best wishes to you all.

Some of my recent models 2013


Some of my 2013 personalised wedding cake toppers, and birthday celebration models.


Hannah and Steve


Joe Bonamassa


Laura and Mark ( actually I`m not totally sure of the grooms name now, so apologies for that if I got it wrong). I enjoyed this model.






actually I think I made this one last year…I love making the Asian costumes!


yep this was also last year…a fun model to do!


another 2012 model. I have made a few soldiers and love doing all the details. Some of those lads have earned some very impressive medals for ones so young. It was a privilege to be involved in their weddings, brave chaps.


Oh I am glad I found this one! How cool were they? Great couple.


Ah I was sent a photo or two by this lovely family…will try to add it


Now that’s a tower of a cake !


Hi Susan,

Just wanted to say a huge (belated) Thank you for our wedding topper – we love it and it know has pride of place on our mantle place! Worth every penny!  we had a fantastic day and the cake topper was widely admired! I have attached some pics if you want them for your web site!

Thank you

Hayley, Simon & Jake xxx


so sweet!  Thank you Hayley and family x



Fionnuala and Kieran.   Thanks guys for the fab photos.

Hi Sue!

I have some photos of us with our wedding cake topper. Everybody loved it and it was a big talking point of the day! I still absolutely love it and its tucked away safe and sound now til our one year anniversary!


Oh I loved this one! they were fab! I am so sorry I can no longer recall their names as this model was made about 3 years ago maybe more! Glad I found it.


this crazy crazy golf couple loved crazy golf so much I had to recreate their favourite course ( well a part of it!!) . Great fun to do.


Now I have called this section latest models and am actually coming across long forgotten ones from just before the war …well a couple of years ago anyway. This pair liked travelling, walking and the Auckland tower thingy….very tricky in clay!


Now how about this one for a bit exotic! this beautiful couple were sri lanken and these were their traditional wedding outfits. They went back to Sri lanka for a gorgeous flower clad paradise wedding. Am so jealous !


Cherie from Australia`s 30th Elvis Blue Hawaiian themed birthday model

Customers photos


Hi Sue,

Hope you are keeping well,

I just wanted to send you some pictures from our big day! The wedding topper was a massive hit and people are still talking about it now.

I really cannot thank you enough for all that you have done.. Your attention to details is amazing and Stephen couldn’t believe the likeliness of us all..

I am just thinking what we could have a “topper” for next….!!!

You truly are talented Sue!

Thank you so much once again,

Amy-Jane xx


Cutting the Cake


m_IMG_0422 Wedding Cake

Welcome to my blog – Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers

Hello, this is all new fangled stuff to me so I`m expecting it to go wrong!!

Once I get used to it I shall be entertaining the world with my latest creations .  Its about time too as my website has`nt been updated for about three years by my “I`ll do it soon” husband.

You will have all missed such highlights as my commission by Bobby Davro of a naked model of himself singing Frank Sinatra !  And the appearance on “Four weddings” of one of my wedding models. I`m  going to attempt now to put a photo of that one on here!!! It was made for a Hollywood themed civil ceremony for Nicola and Ash, who were robbed of first place on the show sadly.


Right…what do I click on now eh?